Almahdi Aluminum And Hormozal Complex
  • The first phase of this complex under the name of Almahdi Aluminum Co. with production capacity of 110000 ton per year of Aluminum Ingot was commissioned and become operational in 1998. The second phase of this complex become operation the year 2009 under the name Hormozal Aluminum with annual capacity of 147000 ton per year of aluminum ingot in the PGSEZ
  • Products: 257000 ton per year of Aluminum ingot
  • Affiliated Industries: Anode making (carbon plant) with yearly capacity of 200000 Green Anodes and 150000 Backed Anodes has been commission and operational in this company
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  • Iran, Bandar Abbas, 13th km Shahid Rajaee Ro
  • 076-33592201-10
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